Nexus of Art and Erotica, the razors edge.
Eve, removing her clothes

Eve, removing her clothes

New Blogger, here. Im just getting warmed up.

What are the heights of Human endeavor?  

 Fine Art,  Music,  literature,  Civilization,  Democracy.  Freedom, The concept of Peace. Olympic gold. The ability to sacrifice oneself for the good of another, streaking  through the Solar system?

 What is the banal truth of basic Human needs? Food, Clothing, Shelter, Sex. When you elevate Foodyou get Cuisine.  When you elevate Shelter, you get Architecture.  When you elevate Clothing, you get Haute couture.   When you elevate Sex, you get….. Erotica? 

Im here to elevate sex.  Are you?

 Don’t get me wrong, I like porn as much as the next guy…or gal. But people have got to realize there is an alternative to the mundane.  After the  hundredth  cumshot onto her  reluctant eyelid, don’t most voyeurs want more? Don’t we want to see the grandeur of the sloppy interaction between two sluts? Don’t we want to see the connection to history, Culture, Diversity, Timeless sexuality. Don’t we crave to be grounded. To understand how our needs and  insatiable desires resonate with thousands of our ancestors. Artistic interpretation is the answer.  We are animals…but we are enlightened.

Ive been sipping Chartreuse, can you tell?

This is one of the ‘Centers of my Universe’.

This is one of the ‘Centers of my Universe’.

the path that led me to this place…

The path that led me to this place has been circuitous. The path that keeps me here will be even crazier. It is as if a whirlpool has swept me in, yet I am happy to take the ride. If all goes well, there will be much to tell. I am on a journey that has enlightened me and and energized me. It sometimes goes at a snails pace and other times is frenetic. I’m hoping to enlighten and energize others who want to hitch their wagon to my star. Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!